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Andrea Lytle, Charley Moseley, Ashley Rivera, Tarria Whitley
  This report provides tools for the development of local green industry through an overview of the emerging green sectors as well as case studies with recognized successes in green industry and economic development strategies. It analyzes the current green industry sector landscape, identifies emerging patents and looks to the future with venture capital concentration. It also details areas in which successful green economic development strategies have been implemented.
Olaava MacKenzie, Travis Grubb, Ben R. Jordan, John Rhodes
  This paper explores the current literature addressing green jobs as they pertain to economic development, sustainability and planning. It defines green jobs as those which positively impact the environment in both blue and white collar positions in a range of trades requiring different levels of skill. Also, green jobs help us create a sustainable society by using existing raw materials more efficiently, recycling existing products to reduce the demand for raw material extraction, and identifying new sources of energy and materials that are both renewable and clean. To capitalize on the predicted rapid growth of green jobs in the U.S., workforce training will be a critical element of economic development planning.
Erin Grizzle, Alecia Mills, Tashieka Tucker
  Greening of an existing business can happen anywhere from the invention, definition, construction, production and ultimate disposal of a product. In addition, it can involve the facility where the product or service is produced or housed, and the way in which it is sold. The greening of existing businesses can involve re-working every aspect of the business model. Online ordering, requiring suppliers to provide more sustainable products, tele-working, and using local suppliers are all examples of ways that existing companies have chosen to go green.