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Victoria Lee, Laura Meyer
  This paper examines the Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) programs that are economic development efforts designed to assist and encourage existing local businesses to expand and grow. This paper provides three case studies for rural, metropolitan, and state level programs. It investigates these programs in terms of incentive program, workforce development, quality of life, informative support, and technical assistance. Finally, the paper emphasizes that communities should focus on BR&E as a means to stabilize businesses and to ensure fewer large-impact changes to the economic health of the industry and the surrounding community - resulting in a stable and sustainable local economy.
Emily J. Brown, Alison J. Pienta
  This paper reviews strategies and policy assistances for expanding the export sector. Developing the export sector is an essential component of sustainable economic development. Exporting supports economic development not only in the generation of wealth, but it promotes sustainability through the creation of jobs, increased skill sets, small business development, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The current economic recession makes this even more crucial time to implement export sector development techniques aimed at taking advantage of the global market. By banking in on the consumption needs of foreign countries and relying less on imported products and services, the national economy can better rebound from the economic downturn.